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STEP 1: Sign Waiver

Read, sign, and submit the COVID-19 Waiver and Participant Code of Conduct Form via DocuSign.*
*If you already completed this form for Golf or Softball, you do NOT need to complete it again.

COVID-19 Waiver & Participant Code of Conduct Form

[If you are not able to use DocuSign, contact us at LetsPlay@sonc.org]


STEP 2: Complete Training

Complete the Return to In-Person Activity Training Videos & Quiz**:
**If you already completed this training for Golf or Softball, you do NOT need to complete it again.

Return to In-Person Activity Training


STEP 3: Verify Your Application

All Volunteers must maintain an approved Volunteer Application with SONC before they can participate in ANY in-person activity, including Soccer and Flag Football.

  • Contact your local SONC Sports Contact to check the status of your Volunteer Application or email us at LetsPlay@sonc.org.
  • If you are a new volunteer or know you need to renew your application, visit VolunteerForSONC.org.
  • Volunteer Applications are valid for three years from the date the background check is completed. Minors must submit a new Volunteer Application when they turn 18.


Let's Play!

Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 above, please contact your local program Head Coach, Team Manager or Area Director, or your local SONC Sports Staff Contact, to learn about practice details in your area.

Let's Play Resources

Best Practices for Training
Best Practices for Training
Setting Up Safe Training
Setting Up Safe Training
COVID-19 Symptom Checklist
COVID-19 Symptom Checklist
Field Signs PDF
Field Signs

Questions or Need Assistance?

Read our FAQs or contact us at LetsPlay@sonc.org