Corporate and Community Volunteers

Athletes are why we exist. Volunteers are how we exist. In addition to the 285 volunteer coaches who accompanied the athletes to the Games, another 1,200 volunteers came out over the course of the weekend and helped in a wide variety of volunteer duties.  Our corporate partners and sponsors encouraged their employees to come out and volunteer their time and experience the pure joy, sportsmanship and athletic ability of our athletes at every level.  Community groups also came out in force to cheer the athletes on as they competed in their events. 

To learn about Corporate volunteer opportunities, please contact Denise Duff at

To learn about Community or individual volunteer opportunities, please contact Matt Bell at

Games Management Team

The Games Management Team (GMT) was critical to the success of Summer Games.  Their only goal was to ensure that over the weekend our athletes had the most positive and rewarding experience possible, both on and off the playing field. The GMT was responsible for every aspect of the games, from scheduling competitions, securing facilities, setting up signage and everything in-between.  Planning the Games started months in advance and involved 130 dedicated volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly together to make the Games our premier sporting event of the year.    

Medical Volunteers

Insuring the well being of our athletes is a top priority.  Volunteers with a medical background were on hand over the course of the weekend to attend to any medical issues that arose.  In order to qualify to be a Medical Volunteer for Special Olympics Northern California, volunteers possessed a current, valid certification and was cleared by our Medical Director. We accepted EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.