Lia Feriancek

Unified Golf Partner  |  Butte County


Lia F

Lia has been around Special Olympics for much of her life and will team up with Jessica Lane for Unified Golf at the 2022 USA Games. Her uncle participated in Special Olympics while she was growing up, and she began volunteering in 2018 while living in Minnesota. Lia is passionate about the outdoors and transitioned from a career in kitesurfing to helping to reduce single-use plastics at Klean Kanteen. She enjoys many types of outdoor sports and is an avid golfer. Lia’s trip to the USA Games is especially meaningful: “When I found out that my partner Jessica and I were selected for the USA Games, that same week my uncle passed away at the age of 60. I feel that this opportunity was meant to be as I will help my partner achieve one of her dreams in life, but also to honor the memory of my uncle, Jeffery.”

Lia on going to the USA Games:

”I’m looking forward to honoring the memory of my uncle and also helping Jessica achieve her dream. Her other dream is to go to Orlando because she LOVES Mickey Mouse, so it will be really special to be with her at the Games.”


Lia's events & results:

  • 9-Hole Alternate Shot: 5TH PLACE



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