Unified Physical Education

Unified Physical Education (P.E.) is a unique opportunity for students of varying ability levels and backgrounds to come together on equal terms through ongoing fitness, sports, leadership and wellness activities. Unified P.E. focuses on the physical, intellectual and social growth of all participants. Engaging in physical activity and sport alongside peers with and without disabilities helps to foster important social relationships.

Lesson Plans and Activity Guides

Special Olympics Unified PE Guide - A unit by unit guide created by Special Olympics for all things Unified P.E.

49ers Prep Virtual Fitness Program website

49ers Prep Unified Fitness Workout - 1 hour long video that was recorded live.

States and Capitals Study Guides with Exercises

Would You Rather... with Exercises

Shape America - K–12 standards based curriculum designed to develop motor skills, knowledge and behaviors, while generating confidence and an active lifestyle. 

Wide Open School - Created by over 25 organizations, many of the resources can be completed offline and on smartphones, as well as bilingual and English-language learner resources and ideas for special education. 

Flaghouse - Free premade lesson plans and activity guides from our friends at Flaghouse. 

P.E. Central - Tips and strategies to successfully teach Physical Education at home.

Free Exercise Program - An extensive spreadsheet of free online exercise classes. At the top of the spreadsheet, select a tab to view only your interest. 

Dynamic P.E. ASAP - 400 Free Lesson Plans developed by Dr. Robert Pangrazi.

Playworks The ultimate guide to playing at home.


Activity Specific Resources

Cardio Respiratory 

Dance and Rythmic Activites 

Games and Sports 

Striking and Fielding 

Team Challenges 

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Media Links

Warriors Basketball Clinic

Fitbound Videos - Short, inclusive exercise videos that represent individuals with and without disabilities. 

Unified PE Webinar - Great insight from some of the Special Olympics top programs 

PhysEd TV - New video content every week for elementary, middle school and high school students. 

The Physical Educator - Distance learning for Physical Education, great for middle and high school


Single-Page PDFs

Ability Awareness Information

Become a Unified Champion School—Virtual

Fall Sports & Schools

Inclusive Youth Leadership

RESPECT Campaign

Sports Specific Skills & Drills

Unified Fitness and Unified P.E.

Young Athletes Program

Youth Activation Committee (YAC)

More Unified P.E. Resources:

Unified Champion Schools   Unified Sports   Unified Fitness