Unified Sports, part of our Unified Champion Schools program, joins people with and without intellectual disabilities together to compete as teammates. It was inspired by a simple principle—Training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and inclusion.

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Definition of Terms:
Unified Athlete – Student in Special Education participating in Unified Sports.
Unified Partner – Student in General Education participating in Unified Sports.
Unified Sports Day – One day Unified Sports experience that can include one site or several sites.
Unified League – Group of schools participating in a multi-week season of sport.

PreK – Transition Schools

Young Athletes™/Elementary

Unified Sports Elementary

Unified Sports at the Pre-K/ Elementary level allows students to be introduced to a variety of sports and motor skill activities through inclusive play.

Middle School

Unified Sports Middle School

Unified Sports at the middle school level allows students to build upon their motor skills through inclusive sport specific training (soccer, basketball, track & field).

High School/Transition

Unified Sports High School

Unified Sports at the high school/ transition level allows students to compete as a Unified team both during and after school (soccer, basketball, track & field).

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A University Massachusetts study indicates the Unified Champion Schools program has measurable positive outcomes for entire campus.


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Please check out Our Unified Champion Schools Programs list to find a school based program near you.


Contact Us

If you are interested in our Unified Sports component of the Unified Champion Schools program at your school please contact:

Elementary School (Young Athletes™): Cameron Ahmadian camerona@sonc.org.

Middle/High School: Cyrus Nassersaeid cyrusn@sonc.org.