Inclusive Youth Leadership and advocacy provides students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to take on leadership roles to promote Unified Champion School activities in the school and in the community.


Partner Club

A Partner Club is a social organization for students. Partner Clubs are inclusive school-based clubs (Pre-School–Transition & College) that are youth-led and youth-driven.

How can I implement a Partner Club in the current environment?

Set up a zoom meeting between a special education and general education classroom, or an inclusive classroom to host the following:

• Virtual Lunch / Social Hour

Topics for discussion:
- Are there any silver linings you’ve experienced since quarantine?
- Have you picked up any new hobbies recently?

• Virtual Movie Night

Movie title ideas:
- Wonder
- I Am Sam
- The Theory of Everything

• Virtual Game Night

Games to play:
- Special Olympics Trivia
- 2 Truths and a Lie
- @Home Scavenger Hunt

• Host a Virtual Inclusive Week

inclusive Club 1-pager (PDF)

Virtual Unified Club Meeting Guide (PDF)


Youth Activation Committee

Youth Activation Committee (YAC) is an inclusive group of student leaders with and without disabilities who are advocates for promoting acceptance and respect locally on their school campuses, in their communities, and through the greater Special Olympics Northern California (SONC) footprint.

How can I implement YAC in the current environment?

The YAC will meet virtually as one large group 6x throughout the year via Zoom. The YAC will be responsible for hosting events both for their school and in coordination with SONC.

Fill out this brief application if you are interested in being part of a YAC in your respective region.

YAC 1-pager (PDF)


Teachers Resources

• Inclusion Tiles:

Have students pair up and complete inclusion tiles exercises with one another.
- Inclusion Tiles Guide with discussion questions
- Inclusion Tiles Online Game

• Generation Unified:

Watch the below Generation Unified videos and facilitate a discussion using the video guides.
Video screenings with accompanying video guides 

• Foundational Inclusive Youth Leadership Training:

Have students complete this four-part youth leadership training together and discuss key takeaways
Foundational Inclusive Youth Leadership Training


Activity Ideas for Inclusive Youth Leaders:

Respect Campaign   Whole School Engagement Resources   Become a Unified Champion School