We believe it is important to provide you with all the tools you need to be a successful Special Olympics Coach.  Our athletes love the chance to train and compete and you'll find your coaching experience to be fun and rewarding.  We don't know who benefits more, our athletes or the people who coach them! 

Coaches must have a current Volunteer Application on file and be at least 16 years of age to become certified.  Below is more information about obtaining and renewing certification

SONC Coaches Education System Plan Details

This section provides you with the overall plan for you to become a certified coach.

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Current Certified Coaches

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Coaching Special Olympics Athletes Course

We play by the rules but some adaptions are made to accommodate the various ability levels of our athletes.  By taking the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes (CSOA) Course, you will gain a basic understanding of the scope of responsibilities and expectations required to be a Special Olympics Coach.  CSOA also satisfies Coach Education System requirements

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Coaches Education Courses by Sport

Become certified in your favorite sport!
For sports without an online Initial Certification, please click here to locate your local sports contact in your area for more information.

Initial Certification Courses

For first-time certifications (or for expired certifications)
Once completed, submit a Coaches Education System Application within 60 days to complete the process and become certified. 

Basketball Bocce - Coming Soon Bowling - Coming Soon
Flag Football - Coming Soon Floor Hockey - Coming Soon Golf
Soccer Softball


Tennis Track & Field  
     Coaching Unified Sports

Only approved courses listed above are reimbursed by SONC with proof of completion and payment


Re-Certification Quizzes

For renewing a current or recently-expired (within one year) certification.
You must achieve a passing grade and no application is required.  You may also re-certify by taking an Initial Certification Course above and submitting an application. 
Please click here to view current certification records.  

Basketball Bocce Bowling
Flag Football - Coming Soon          Floor Hockey                            Golf                    
Soccer   Swimming
Tennis Track & Field        
                     Coaching Unified Sports - Coming Soon             

The Re-certification quizzes listed above are free and no application is required


Become a Certified Clinician

If you are a certified coach and interested in running a clinic or becoming a clinician, here's how.

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