Seaside High Hosts Soccer Competition for All Abilities

There was something for everyone at a recent soccer event hosted by Seaside High School in Monterey! More than 300 students competed or volunteered, ranging in age from elementary to secondary students to college students! It was a wonderful competition and the perfect way to kick off the 2015-16 season in Monterey!


“This is our first year participating, and my favorite part about coming to this event was seeing the softer side of my students.” Water Colten Middle School Leadership Teacher Kim Kellam said. “They took it to the next level and are showing compassion and wanting to help other students. I am very proud of how everyone is pulling together and having a great time”


All new programs begin the Schools Partnership Program in “pilot” status. Typically, this means selecting one grade level (pre-K, elementary, middle, high school/transition) to participate in a single eight-week sport season and engage in two Whole-School Involvement activities. New programs may remain in “pilot” status for up to three sports seasons. This year, Monterey moved out of pilot mode to full program mode and this was their second soccer competition at Seaside High School. We were thrilled to add Monterey as a fully engaged Schools Partnership Program partner!


With such amazing support from the students, schools and coordinator, the event was running so smooth and on time which allowed even more opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities to compete! Elementary and middle school students competed in soccer with support from middle and high school and college volunteers. In all, 18 classes from 10 different schools had a blast at this Seaside HS competition!


More than 180 student-athletes competed in traditional soccer – which solely featured student-athletes receiving special education. Just under 40 athletes competed in Unified soccer – where students with and without disabilities play together on the same team.


“This event is great!” Crumpton Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Mel Tanesco said. “The adaptive physical education teachers help to work on activities such as kicking and more, but this event and the overall program play a huge roll in students’ social skills. I think it’s great that the general education student can participate as well in the unified games.”


The Cal State Monterey Bay soccer team volunteer and ran the skills station, Seaside High School’s leadership class ran the Opening Ceremonies, refereed games, handed out awards and more! Walter Colten Middle School ran field-day activities, such as bean-bag toss, obstacle course that students could visit during game breaks.


“I loved this event!” Walter Colten Middle School Leadership Student Julia said. “I really enjoy seeing the students get so happy and play the games and knock down the pins. I really want to come back next year.”


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