Celebrating Summer with the Young Athletes Program







Preparing for life through sports begins with the Young Athletes Program here at Special Olympics Northern California. The Young Athletes Program offers kids with intellectual disabilities from 2 to 7 years old an opportunity to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination through physical activities. The Young Athletes Program (YAP) is where kids first build their sports skills while socializing with their peers.


Our very first summer series of YAP is in full swing with six weekly sessions! All of the physical activities are focused around a different sport each week and most importantly, fun. The kids have been building on their skills week after week with obstacle courses, balance beams, and throwing and kicking at targets.  On the final day our athletes will get to show off the skills they’ve acquired in each sport throughout the series.  It’s an amazing moment for volunteers and parents alike when a young athlete masters a new skill and gets their high-fives and hugs.


We are incredibly grateful to Eric Hamilton, the lead instructor for this summer program. Eric creates a fun and supportive environment for our Young Athletes and their parents. Eric guides the parents and the volunteers to create a rewarding experience for everyone.


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