Athletes Share Tips for Healthy Living

Athlete Flex

Summer is here and Special Olympics sports seasons are back in full form! 

When training for a sport, enjoying time outdoors, or just going about daily life, Special Olympics athletes are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle. Special Olympics Northern California promotes health and fitness, nutrition and mental wellness through Healthy Athletes and the Health & Wellness @ Home program. In addition, select Special Olympics Athlete Leaders are trained to be health advocates and lead by example as Health Messengers. These Health Messengers share their stories with healthcare professionals, meet with medical students, and teach their fellow athletes how to feel their best... both on and off the field. 

For the summer, our Health Messengers were asked to share a few quick health tips to help our community:

Health Messenger Tips

“Eat healthy food. Riding a bike or walking around the block is good exercise. Also, drink five waters a day.” – Caroline P. 

“Exercise regularly and be physically active.” – Ryan B. 

“When in the sun, wear sunscreen and a hat, and stay hydrated.” – Angela P. 

"Don’t drink soda every day. Once in a while is OK, but water is better for everyone.” - Loretta D. 

“Get lots of sleep, avoid junk food, and laugh often!” - Kim H. 


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