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We are excited to welcome back all Athletes to in-person activities!




STEP 1: Sign Waiver

All Athletes must read, sign, and submit the COVID-19 Waiver and Participant Code of Conduct Form via DocuSign.*
*If you already completed this form previously, you do NOT need to complete it again.

COVID-19 Waiver & Participant Code of Conduct Form

[If you are not able to use DocuSign, contact us at]


STEP 2: Verify Your Application

All Special Olympics Northern California Athletes must have a valid Athlete Application on file with SONC before they can participate in ANY in-person activity. See below for details.*


In order for any Athlete to participate in 2022 Summer Sports, an approved Athlete Application MUST be received by Tuesday, May 31. Verify that your application is current and will not expire before September 19, 2022.

Check Your Application Status


Let's Play! 

Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2 above, please wait for more details from your local program Head Coach, Team Manager or Area Director. Find your local Program Contact.

*Step 2: Verify Your Application details:

  • If you are a current SONC Athlete, your application must have been renewed within the past three years. Check your status here. If your application is current within the last three years, you do not need to submit a new Athlete Application.
  • If you are a new Athlete or know you need to renew your application**, visit
  • **Please allow 2 weeks for Athlete Applications to be processed before approval.
  • Athlete Applications are valid for three years from the date the licensed medical professional signed, OR three years from the date you signed a valid renewal application.


Feeling sick? Check to see if you need to stay home:

COVID-19 Symptoms Checklist

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