Community Stories

Over $55,000 raised!

On October 13, 2013, we hosted 25 Red Robin Tip-a-Cops for both the lunch and dinner shifts as part of Red Robin's National campaign. Raising more than $55,000, our Law Enforcement community did an amazing job engaging the diners in the event and soliciting donations. Tip-a-Cops are just one of the hundreds of fundraising events that our Law Enforcement hosts for us.

Working right along beside them were our incredible athletes and coach/parent volunteers. We had many of our "veterans" helping, but thanks to the response we received from an article in the last Family Times, we had many new athletes, coaches and family members who offered to help.  


Candy Agpawa, Kelly Anderson, Roger AnglinJoynell Armer, Mike Bailey, Ryan Barnes, Dustin Benge, Cody Bowman, Jackie Bowman, Ann Bradford, Bob Brewer, Taylor Campbell, Cody Carlson, Wilson Chadwick, Bobby Craig, Marshall Del Nero, Loretta Dobbins, Christy Dodge, Jake Elfin, Ryan Ependendio, Jonathan Evans, Miguel Fata, Shawn Gillis, Shota Goldstein,  Brian Goodwin, Andrea Halliday, Stephanie Hammond, Patrick Heffernan, Shawn Heffernan, Dominic Held, Zachary Hirsch, Douglass Hodges, Sara Hopkinson, Jeremy Hunter, Aaron Jenke, Laura, Jordan, Danielle Jose, Mike Keener, Kathy Kolb, Karisa Krater, Jackie Kring, Erica Lauruhn, Josy Layman, Daniel Mack, Mason Mackey, Holley Matlack, Emily Matlack-Hodges, Jock Mayes, Heather McFarland, Lindsay Mibach, Dylan Miller, Oliver Montee, Emilio Nieto, Alexis Norman, Brittany Nussberger, Mark Nusserger, Hannah Padilla, Brittany Palmer, Laura Palmer, Erick Ramans, Debbie Reed, Rock y Robello, Nicole Rogers, Jason Romero, Alfred Saporetti, Brian Scharfenberg, Ronnie Scopel, Erick Silva, Trisha Singhal, Jonathan Sparks, Jake Sroufe Stacey Stevenson, Maggie Sung, Nick Tenbrink, Bill Turner, Patrick Underly Ashley Valdillez, Danny Vanlooy, Mark Waddingham, Many Wadera, Eric Weil, Myla Yue
Coach/Parent Support
Deb Agpawa, Edmond David, Gary Del Nero, Molly Del Nero, Kathy Dobbins, Julie Elfin, Dan Goldstein, Teresa Held, Donna Hollis, Shelly Jose, Heidi Matlack, Paul Matlack, Sherry McClure, Stacy McClure, Elizabeth McKay, Joan Mibach, Leigh Mosconi, Samantha Murphy, Anna Nino, Tom Novello, Ann Reidmiller, Jessica Reynolds, Mark Reynolds, Sherry Rogers, Connie Salm, Ron Silva, Deana Stevenson, Branae Taberna, Christa Trinchera, Liz Trauring, Steve Underly, Carol Valdillez, Anita Wadera, Melanie Weil
For more information about our Northern California Law Enforcement Torch Run, click here.