Family Participation

Families make a difference. There's nothing like whole families coming together to bring home our message of courage, capability and community!  Bring the whole family to competitions!  Cheering your athlete on helps everyone get inspired.

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Ways to Support your Athlete

+ Join our community on this website and then submit a story about your athlete! You and your athlete are extraordinary, and we want to hear about it. You don’t have to be a great writer. Just tell us what your athlete’s accomplishments and experiences mean to you.  When you join our community, you will also be able to select what information you would like to receive via email.  You can select practice and competition information for specific sports in specific regions, fundraising events and more!

+ We always need more equipment, sports gear, even refreshments for our players. Make an online donation and help us give all our athletes what they need to succeed. Visit our Support the Community page to find out more about donating to Special Olympics Northern California.

To learn more ways in which you can participate in Special Olympics Northern California, contact your local area director.


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You can help us out by getting great Special Olympics Northern California — shop at our store to show your support!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at and a staff member or volunteer will get in touch with you.